FAQ The Expat Salon

FAQ The Expat Salon

Cancellation Policy

We work exclusively with previous appointment, in case of a late or a second cancellation of the same appointment we will charge the whole rate in case of a mobile service or the deposit fee in case of a service in our studio.

I case of late cancellations we will always charge you disregard the accidental, personal, familiar, or professional reasons you may have for a late cancellation, you can reschedule one time an appointment if you cancel for a second time we will charge you the deposit fee even when you cancel withing the 24 hours cancellation policy.

A cancellation or reschedule must be done through Facebook private message, due to our busy schedule we do not answer inquiries or take appointments or accept cancellations done through phone calls, email, sms, or Facebook groups. To avoid you miss your appointment We advice you to take your appointment with no more than 24/48 hours advance

Inqueries Rates and Appointments

If you message us through Facebook private message or whatsapp and do not get an answer back is because the answer to your question is to be found in this page. We do not answer questions or book appontments through phone calls, sms, or emails. Color & highlights rates are  different in every case depending on the lenght, thinkness, type and condition of your hair, kind of work to be done and technique to be used. We cannot give you an exact rate before you visit us and we connot give you any advice before we see your hair. Due to a high volume of work we take appoinntments with 48 hours advance or more.

How many time can I cancel or reschedule an appointment ?


We offer a personalized private hairdressing  servide, that means that when you book with us we use our time to plan your appointment on an specific day and time in our agenda, You can cancel or reschedule an apointment withing our cancellations terms only time, if you cancel or reschedule an appointment for a second time even withing our cancellation terms the deposit fee will be charged, and you will have to pay before hand for the whole service you are booiking with us.

Do you offer a mobile service ?

Yes, We offer a PREPAID MOBILE SERVICE only for ladies, Our working area is limited within the Hague city, To consult our rates please visit the page (services Bookings)

NOTE:  In your location we need to have access to cold/hot water and electricity to do our work. We do not carry a mobile hair wash therefore your hair need to be washed in your sink or shower. We do not take towels conditioner or shampoo, you need to use your regular products to wash your hair.


All our rates are starting from, the final rate can be different than in our website depending on the work we do on your hair, the condition of your hair, the length, and the thikness of your hair. You are responsible to pay the service right away after the service is done.

Do you do children and gentelment ?

I work exclusevely for ladies, I do not receive children under 18 nor gentlemen in my studio

What kind of special hair treatment do you do ?

I do color correction (too dark, too blonde, too red, or spotty hair), (I do makeover) (We are specialized in modern and classic hair coloring from classic highlights - foils to balayage - Ombre) we do (hydrating and restructuring hair treatments to restore damaged hair).

What kind of special hair treatments yo do not do ?

I do not do kerating straithening containing (formaldehyde) or any other kind of hair straightening, We do not dye hair in black, we do not do permanents, we do not treat hair that has been previously treated with henna or any other "NATURAL" plant-based hair color, we do not do wedding day style or wedding updo, hair extensions, weawe, or any treatment that can be harsh for the hair, the scalp, the enviroment, or the health.

How long does it take every service ?

Wash cut and styling 60+ minutes
Wash and styling 45+ minutes
Color 3 + hours

Highlights 3 + hours
Color and highlights 4+ hours
Color correction, Balayage, Ombre or color change 5+ hours

NOTE: the mentioned time above is only an approximate, it could take longer depending on the length, thickness, and condition of your hair

Do you do weddings and special occasions ?

No we do not do wedding style or updo.

Do you do afro hair ?

No I do not do afro hair, I am specialized in European, latin American, and Asian hair

How do I book with you ?

The only way to book with us is through a Facebook private message through our facebook fan page.

I contacted you through Facebook but I did not received an answer ?

For efficiency and safety reasons we only come back to people with several clear pictures of themselves and their real names and location details on their Facebook profiles, we need to garantee a safe and comfortable enviroment for all of our customers.

What should I do to go to my appointment ?

For colour or highlights do not wash your hair the same day of the treatment even if your hair have too much heavy products like gel, mousse, hair spray, or wax. 

Mus I send a picture of my hair when making an appointment ?

Sending a picture for a color, highlight, or a makeover is a choice, but I always advice to all my new customers to send me at least one picture of the back of their hair, Having a picture and a detailed explanation of your desires helps me to  understand beter your requires

Can I get a booking straight away or must I book in advance ?

We offer  a personalized service therefore we need you to book with at least 48/24 ours in advance, and even earlier during the Christmas season (October to December).  For special events is better to book several days in advance to avoid desapointment.

Wher are you located ?

We are located right in the corner of the streets (Loosduinsekade) and  the street (Regentesselaan) in The Hague city (Holland)

Do you give garantee of your work ?

We do not give any garantee for your service in case  your hair to our professional opinion is already damaged for previous color, bleaching, straightening, permanent, hair extensions, wave, or failed haircuts, done somewhere else than our salon. In case we consider you have lied to us in your previous description of the chemical history of your hair, In case you apply chemical or natural coloring products in between visits to our salon, In case you do not take any hair treatment to prevent damage to your hair when to our professional opinion is recommended to do so.

Our advice is, be always honest when describing the chemical history of your hair to us.

Pregnancy breastfeeding and allergies ?

If you have had before an allergic rection to hair products we expect you to tell us that before we start working on your hair and we wil perform a free of charge allergy test prior to applying the color. Besides that in case of pregnancy we use coloring techniques that do not touch the scalp or the skin and we use ammonia free and low percentage of peroxide products to avoid or reduce any possible risks.




Bookings for Our Studio


Cancellation Policy  in our Studio


Opening Hours


Bookings for services in our studio require a 15 mimimun fee as a deposit which is not refundable in case of no show or a late cancellation, cancellations must be done with a at least 24 hours advance

Cancellations or a reschedule for services in our studio must be done with at least 24 hours advance or the minimum deposit fee will be charged Our working ours are from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 18:00pm. For regular customers we extend our working hours till 20:00pm including the weekend.  

Bookings for Mobile Services


Cancellation Policy for Mobile Services


Bookings for mobile services require a full previous online payment. The payment is not refundable in case of a late cancellation, cancellations or reschedule of an appointment must be done with at least 24 hours advance

Cancellations or a reschedule of a Mobile service must be done with a miminum of 24 hours advance or the full rate will charged